Quality and attention to detail

Many years ago, Previlsa, opted for a manufacturing system with which we could obtain high quality joists, and with which we could care for details. That is why we opted for manufacturing with moulds; as a result, we have obtained a joist which especially stands out because of its lightness, lack of jagged edges and the remarkable straightness of its lines.

In order to attend to your requirements at any time, Previlsa disposes of a versatile float of lorries with automatic unloading and a container, with a load capacity from 11 tons to 26 tons, with cranes to lift and unload material on heights and frameworks.

Prestressed joists

Vigueta T14

Vigueta pretensada autoresistente

Vigueta T18

Vigueta pretensada autoresistente

Vigueta T25

Vigueta pretensada autoresistente

Pecho Paloma

Terminación vigueta T18
  • Destacados:
  • Vigueta madera
  • Comprar viguetas
  • Vigas decoración rústica
  • imitación madera
  • hormigón imitación madera
  • Vigas madera exterior