SERIE MASTER: Viga pretensada autoresistente. Especialmente concebida como viga de carga, dinteles de puertas y ventanas, etc.
SERIE ELITE: Viga pretensada autoresistente. Apta para un sinfín de posibilidades como: buhardillas, porches, tejados, pérgolas, rehabilitaciones, etc.
SERIE JUNIOR: Semivigueta armada. Ideal para forjados abovedados y confiriéndole a éstos un acabado natural.
SERIE T-18: Viga pretensada autoresistente. Apta para todo tipo de usos: forjados, cubiertas planas, cubiertas invertidas, etc.

Experts in sector

Prefabricados Villalonga, S.A. is a family business located in Villalonga, within the Safor district of Valencia, dedicated to the sale of construction material.

We count on over 30 years of experience in manufacturing joists, thanks to this and our exclusive method of manufacturing with moulds, we obtain high quality joists, which are highly regarded in the professional sector, they are particularly outstanding because of their lightness, lack of jagged edges and the remarkable straightness of their lines.

Our main priority is our customer’s satisfaction, for which we dispose of the experience of a team with a human touch, who work seeking quality in the products and in offering the best service in order to attend, effectively and quickly, to all of your needs. As a result of this service, together with the continuous search for solutions in the sector, Previcor is born: the new range in the family of Previlsa products.

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  • Destacados:
  • Vigueta madera
  • Comprar viguetas
  • Vigas decoración rústica
  • Vigas madera precios
  • Vigas madera tratada
  • Vigas madera exterior